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Paula's Place

Monday, 25 March 2013

It must be my Age

Saturday night, we went to a birthday party, nothing unusual in that, but at this one all the music was live, much of it provided by the hosts' band the rest by guests.   My daughter was one of the guests asked to do a couple of songs, I was very pleased that she agreed to sing, apart from my own pleasure in her performances I am sure that the more she performs the better she will get as she becomes more comfortable with the experience.

Another old friend was at the party, she has her own study and does a lot of singing herself, around local pubs, clubs, and concerts.   having heard my daughter sing she invited her to an open mike event she is running, and has offered use of the studio.   I hope this will serve as an encouragement, whatever the outcome from the BRIT School auditions ~ we should hear next week.

After the party, while I was waiting for the bathroom to become free I switched on the TV to see what, if anything was on.   BBC were showing a selection of appearances by Slade, I always enjoyed Slade when I was younger so stayed up and watched, I haven't enjoyed Pop music so much for ages.   I always had a suspicion that Slade were underrated, now I am convinced.

One little surprise was how little I saw of the Flying V guitar I have aways associated with Dave Hill (Super Yob), another sign of my failing memory ~ I suppose it must be an age thing.........
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