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Monday, 11 March 2013

The best laid Plan

Well Saturday night didn't work out quite how I had planed, or indeed hoped.   I mentioned that my daughter was going out to a gig with a friend and her parents, the original idea was that she was going to sleep over, but on reflection I felt it was better that I should pick her up, my plan was to go to my Group meeting get changed and then drive over and pick her up.   There was only one thing wrong with this plan, it meant that my wife would end up spending Saturday night on her own.   As my wife had been gracious enough to give me permission to go to my meet, I thought I should give her the option of my staying at home.   Although not said in as many words I got the distinct impression that she would prefer me to stay at home and keep her company, then she spent most of the night tidying up our daughters room and doing other stuff I couldn't help with, so I ended up staying at home and not seeing much of her.

I will admit that I felt a bit hard done by, sometimes I feel as though I am the one who is making all the sacrifices, and taking all the blame, but is getting none of the benefit, but maybe that is just a reflection of my own selfishness,

By the time I had picked up my daughter and got home it was pretty late, in consequence I struggled with getting up this morning (it's an age thing) so I our preparations for Church and then Mother's day lunch with my Mother-in-Law were a little behind schedule.   We still had a nice family lunch, before coming home so I could watch the Rugby.

A disappointing performance by England, but none the less a win, I have always maintained that a sign of a good tea is to win games when they play badly, so maybe this team is as good as some say.   Personally I'm not quite convinced that they are ~ yet.   As usual I had to watch the Rugby on my own, it is just not the sort of thing my wife and daughter are in to, so I was left on own t watch the match, unlike usual after the game neither of the came back in, so that was another evening on my own.

So feeling a bit down this evening, still every silver lining has a cloud, I met an old friend i haven't seen for some time this morning, I think I will give him a ring and arrange to pop out for a coffee, or maybe a beer if we can wait till after Easter.
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