Paula's Place

Paula's Place

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Go Figure

Well a while back I was bemoaning my lot with the way I was losing things, well I have had one result I found my mouthpiece! YAH!!!! mind you with one thing and another I haven't actually played that tuba for a while now.   So that was some good news when I needed, this was definitely the silver lining as I found the mouthpiece because I was looking for my wife's car keys, we eventually found them on the shoe rack ~ as our American cousins would say, go figure.

Of course I still haven't found my missing jacket, I hope that when I go to Sunday's rehearsal someone will have picked it up for me, but I don't hold out much hope.   That means I am a jacket short of a suit as well as a jacket short.   So the last few days I have been looking through all the charity shops in my area for a new jacket, as well as low heeled boots.   That's why I bought a nice grey wool mix  M & S sweater dress today, once again ~ go figure.

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