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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Sensible Shoes, Silly Shoes

Danni says "...I have more pairs of shoes than my wife and all of them definitely in the "sexy" category. Sensible shoes? Who needs those?" Well this prompted my to check, I find I have on the fem side of my wardrobe

1 Pair of flats
3 Pairs of black court shoes
2 Pairs of black open toed high heels
1 Pair of "Gladiator" Sandals
1 Pair of black and white open toed court shoes
1 Pair of bronze (very) high heels
1 Pair of silvery ( or maybe gun metal) High heel formal sandals
1 Pair of high heel knee boots
1 Pair of suede and leather high heel ankle boots
1 Pair of cowboy style ankle boots
1 Pair of burgundy high heels
1 Pair of low heel knee boots that are too tight but I can't bring myself to get rid of
1 Pair of white canvas lace ups

On the boy side I have

1 Pair of black lace ups
1 Pair of brown brogues
1 Pair of oxblood loafers (although I'm not entirely sure that these are meant to be men's)
2 Pairs of brown deck shoes.
1 Pair of walking boots

As far as I can see my wife has

1 Pair high(ish) heel black court shoes
1 Pair low heel black court shoes
2 Pairs black flaties
1 Pair silver ballet pumps
2 Pairs of trainers
1 Pair of brown sandals

 OK so the photos above are definitely not of sensible shoes, but the question was who needs sensible shoes? well I for one do. I do have the one pair of low heels, but most of my shoes are quite comfortable, I think this is important, as if they are not comfortable they won't get worn, if they don't get worn then what's the point.   It is possible to have sensible shoes that look good as well, so o these I would be happy to own and wear.
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