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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Final Session, the boot's on the other foot

Getting away from my current shoe theme; tonight (Tuesday) we have what is scheduled as our final counselling session.   I don't think every thing in our marriage has been resolved, but we are on the way.   This is a good thing, I think it is a shame that we let things get so bad before we acted, and also that we needed some one from outside to show us how bad it was and what we needed to do, it's just that sometimes and outsider is exactly what we do need.

This afternoon we (all three of us) are also going to a family therapy session I may or I may not write more about this later as I want to be fair to my daughter.   I don't know if my trans nature will come up, I know my daughter knows I also know that however much I want to talk about this she does not, at least not yet.   It grieves me that the two people who are most important to me cannot be involved in this important part of my life, no of me.

Whatever happens I am glad to say that our counsellors are much better than Cliff

To try and tie my two themes together I did a google search on "Wedding Shoes" these are some of the pictures I liked

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