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Monday, 4 March 2013

Black Satin and High Heels

Looks like I have got a bit of a theme going here, first complaining about painful feet then a thing with shoes, so first Meg talks of shoes as art, well no way I'm going to argue with that!  

Last night we played a concert, this time I was ostensibly in drab.   I say ostensibly because everything I was wearing apart from my shoes were originally intended for female customers.   I wore my new black satin shirt blouse, (I think I have fallen in love with this blouse, it is quite a posh one, a Charles Tyrwhitt, everything about it is nice, the cut, the cloth, the buttons, the fit. My only worry is that it won't fit so well when I am in fem mode and have my forms on, I shall have to wait and see.) and a pair of side fastening black "moleskin" trousers, with a black faced gold  dress watch and a "gold" chain, underneath I had a black satin teddy and sheer tights; lots of black satin, lovely.   I would have loved some more elegant and preferably feminine footwear, but I just don't seem to be able to find any shoes that fit, I like, and that I can afford.   Looking in the mirror I was surprised just how feminine I looked, even without any make up, extra jewelry or "padding".    I only received one comment, and that was from my friend S who knew what I was planning to wear and just said "Nice Shirt", with an amused grin.

My point in relating all this is that we played a concert, it was in a church and a little on the cold side, I think there may have been two dresses worn, but only one pair of nice shoes, by which I mean a very nice pair of plan black court pumps.
Generally I like to see what the girls in the band are wearing, shoes and dresses as it is a rare chance too dress up in some finery and usually there are at least a few who will take advantage and get out the "glad rags"; last night was a bit of a disappointment in that front.

This morning being a Sunday I actually managed to get to Church and had a little glance around, I'm pleased to report that there are still a few ladies who do make an effort on a Sunday morning and there were two or three pairs of very nice, quite extreme heels on show, than you ladies!

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