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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 26 March 2013


I have often observed that I have too many instruments, so I have been taking some action.   At the moment both my Tuba mute and my euphonium are out on loan, but more drastic, more permanent  action is also required.   I don't often play the Bass Guitar, and now of the two in the house there is only one that I would use.   Following some prompting by my good friend B I have decided to put it up for sale on E-Bay.   My rational is no so much to earn some money (although it would be very welcome) as to make it available to somebody who would use it.   To me this is an old, not very good starter instrument.   It is as god as it was 30 years ago, it's just that it wasn't very good 30 years ago!

It seems I was wrong bidding has gone much higher than I expected and I suspect that bidders are reminded of their own first instrument and are seeking a bit of nostalgia.   Whatever they are seeking I just hope that they won't be disappointed.   For me this has been an issue a couple of times on E-Bay when I have sold items and people have not read the description as carefully as I have written it.  I want my buyers to enjoy the items I sell, having paid what they considered to be a fair price.

Whatever I shall be happy to have the money, and the space.
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