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Monday, 25 March 2013

Monday Moan

Not quite a weekend wobbly, more a Monday Moan, but I am grateful to Joni Roberts for bringing this article from the Huffington press to my attention.   As I don't regularly read a newspaper, and if I did it certainly would not be the Mail, this whole issue had flown below my radar until I saw this post from Jenny over at Large Blooming Flower.

I just hope an pray that we will start to see a bit less of this sort of thing as the press begin to realise that we are no longer a minority that can be easily bullied without risk.

On another (more positive) note, at last nights LGSO rehearsal it was confirmed that I will be playing at the LGSW Spring Fayre.   I a looking forward to this for a number of reasons, I missed the last concert I was scheduled to play in due to our family hiatus, so it is a while since I have performed, it sounds like a nice relaxed fun event, and of course I get to dress  up!

The program is fun and there will be lots of stalls and stuff (including Butch Jam), so if you are at a lose end on Saturday the 6th April pop into London and give yourself a treat.
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