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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Black Shoes

I am determined to complete my shoe themed week on track, I have looked at sexy shoes ~ although for some people that would be any shoes at all ~ I have looked at silly shoes, sensible shoes, elegant shoes and Doc Mits, we have had pink and red and patterned, now we have black shoes.

It struck me when I was thinking about what shes I have that most of my girl shoes and all of the boots are black.   I gather from others that this may not be unusual, it has to be said that black does go with just about everything except brown so that seems sensible, but when I look at my boy shoes I only currently have one pair of black.   I do need another more elegant pair for evening dress, but if it weren't for that I wouldn't bother, so maybe in this I am typical bloke as well as a typical girl.

Certainly my default shoe position as a bloke is either brown deck shoes or oxblood loafers, I only wear back shoes (or indeed my brown brogues) in fairly formal situations.  

In the days when I wore a suit and tie everyday for work I would have worn black more often, but then by the nature of my last few jobs they would mostly have been safety shoes!   Yet as a girl my default is a pair of black heels.   Maybe this is a reflection of the way I dress en femme, my style as a girl is certainly more formal than as a bloke so maybe the shoes are a reflection of this, on the other hand for me the shoes are an important part of being Paula (rather than being him in a dress) so maybe the more formal style is a reflection of my desire to wear the shoes.

Of course blandly saying black shoes covers a "multitude of sins" from the Dr Martens to the overtly errotic thigh boots, I may give a special prize to anyone spotting which of these photos is of the Dr Martens.
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