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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Sexy High Heels

While following this little theme I seem too have developed on shoes, I have of course done a little research on line, now you get all sorts of results from a search on "high heel shoes" or the like.   There are a lot of sources,  some blogs some sales and some exploitation, including this interesting article from the BBC.   One site I found had this little exchange on it.

Anonymous: I am wondering if you mean to portray high heels as a fetish or as overtly sexual. I've realised that most of your posts include females in high heels whilst half naked or in suggestive positions, or both. I'm not trying to be rude, I'm just curious whether that is your intention.

i think heels as they are in their basic form are an overtly sexual object. i don’t hunt down women in seductive positions or wearing sultry clothes. i hunt down incredible pictures of heels which just happen to be sexual, because of their nature.

sex is an object we can see everywhere in life. in food, in machines, even in the laptop i’m currently typing on! but sex can especially be found in fashion. and fashion is what this blog is about.

so to answer your question, do i try to display heels as a fetish or as overtly sexual objects? neither. i try to display heels as openly and accurately as possible. and this is just how they turn out!

While I am not entirely sure that I entirely agree there is a definite sexual overtone to high heels, well at very least the slender ones, I am quite happy to be corrected on this but it does seem to me that many of the pictures I have found (where the shoes are worn) are of a (ahem!) stimulating nature.
This does of course beg the question why someone like me would like to wear them.   I don't think that I am courting a sexual encounter, or indeed want to stimulate any desire in others (especially any random male who happens to be around). Certainly part of the attraction of wearing these shoes is how they make me feel, a range of feelings which I will admit includes sexy.

I know that they are not good for my back or my feet, and even worse for my wallet; but every now and then, it seems the thing to do, just for the senseless, frivolous fun of it.   In the mean time I need to make a mental note that any additional shoes should really be flaties.
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