Paula's Place

Paula's Place

Friday, 8 March 2013


Of the various pitures I have used over the last week or so I think these are my favorite shoes, and quite possibly my favorite picture as well.   I love the two colour monotone, I like that the platform is very small and subtle, I like the open toe (so we can all see the nail varnish).   Maybe the heel is a little too high for them to be comfortable, or easy for me to walk in, they would also make me extremely tall, but none the less I like them, and given the opportunity I would have a pair.

As I say I also like the picture, the way it is lit shows the softly shining leather, separating the black and white quite clearly, but it is the slight refection below  the shoe, like swans swimming in still water, that lifts this picture above the rest.

The rest here are some of the photos I found and saved, but couldn't work into any of the other posts.   SO they are now here simply because they amused me.

On the other hand some of these are just simply silly.
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