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Paula's Place

Monday, 4 February 2013

What a weekend

Well I have had a great weekend, spending Saturday with my daughter shopping for guitars was more fun than I would have believed, then to come home and watch England beat Scotland (again) at Rugby had to be good.   Then this morning I played the electric bass for the morning service, before legging it up to town for an LGSO rehearsal.

We had a good, full rehearsal before splitting down into sectionals, where we did some intensive work, but perhaps some of my particular glee comes from a conversation with one of the Bassoons, around concert dress, I asked what the form was to be told it was all black, but some don't take it too seriously, she also said that there were about three girls who could be relied on to wear a "frock" I told her she could add another as if I had a chance to wear a "frock" I would grab it. I gather she will be wearing a DJ!   My concern was that if the form was for a long black dress I would have to do some shopping!

I am now home and watching a recording of Italy beating France, my weekend is complete!

If you want to complete your weekend on the 17th Feb, this should be a great concert, just remember to check out the bass trombone!
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