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Sunday, 3 February 2013

good tips

I am writing this on Saturday evening, ready for publication on Sunday morning. We have had a pretty full day going down to Brighton to look at new Guitars for my daughter.   A friend who knows about these things went with us, and we all had a great time.   Eventually we did manage to make a decision but the guitar my daughter wanted had a small, intermittent, but important electrical problem, so they are ordering a new one for her.   A bit of a blow but I am sure it will be worth the extra wait to have the right instrument.  She had her audition for the BRIT School on Friday, and although she thinks she sang and played well, is not so sure she did as well as she could in the interview and aural tests, so a new guitar will either be a nice present to celebrate success or something good to hang onto if disappointed.

This afternoon (Sunday) I will be rehearsing for the LGSO concert on the 17th Feb, the rehearsal is at 4:00, it will take me about an hour of travel and an hour to get ready so I will have to leave home by around 2:00.   Given that I am playing for the morning service this could be a challenge.   On Friday evening we had a rehearsal for Sunday morning, and I think that is the best I have played the electric bass yet, I hope that I will do as well at the service.

Anyway this week one of my favorite caqrtoons, 9 Chickweed lane have been running a short series fo tips for performers

You have been warned
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