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Paula's Place

Thursday, 14 February 2013

V Day

I hope it is a happy Valentine's day for you all, it certainly should be for me! Yes I did get a hand made card this morning, and I have arranged that I will cook a special meal for two this evening, it will be slightly less than possible as I have given up booze for Lent, so no wine for me.

So how did this cross dresser prepare for Valentine's day? simple, once again my daughter was late getting up, so once again I took her to school, then got a message from my wife could I take a parcel to the post office for, and oh by the way she left her lunch at home so could I drop that off for her.   So preparing was not really on, it was more a case of  stumbling into it confused and dazed with any pans I had in tatters, still it will be fun, I only have one appointment today and that is in the afternoon, so lets hope that it gets saner.
I will admit that while I am at home supposedly catching up on some admin,  I have changed into a skirt and top before getting changed and going out again.   With everything else going on I find I am struggling to knuckle down to work, and would rather waste spend time writing blog entries, looking at on line cartoons, and getting stuff ready for Sunday.   I have decided on my outfit and makeup, I am reasonable confident that I can play the pieces, and I have at least one friend in the audience, my good friend and colleague S will be coming, she has meet Paula before, but not in such glamorous circumstances.
The relevance of the photo? well it's the St Valentine's day Mascara

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