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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Freedy Bassett's

It was nice to get back to some proper gardening today, this morning I pruned a clematis, and cut back the tops of a lot of herbaceous plants, mostly Japanese Anemones, that are now looking very tired, that and reporting a few houseplants, set me up nicely for the afternoon.   The afternoon held more pruning, Holly and Mallow (Lavatera) and some general tidying.   This is the sort of thing I became a gardener to do.   It was a very pleasant change because he previous few work days have been more construction biased.   I must say I have been a little worried about the most ridiculous thing, the other weekend I cut my finger nails, a little too short, now I am not sure that they will be as long as I would like for Sunday night.   I will not wear false nails, but am worried that I will break one while working, then they will look really off!
Yesterday we replaced a shed roof, this ended up being twice the job we expected and we didn't get finished until nearly seven, I just about had time to make a quick change and leg into Croydon with my wife for our session with the counsellor.   This was a good session, we covered some good ground, addressed a couple of my issues and now I am looking forward to continuing improvements.

Monday was mostly spent ferrying my daughter around, I think in all I made four separate journeys to and from her school, first a mid day appointment then pick her up again after school to get changed before taking her back to go on a theater trip, then after my rehearsal another trip to pick her up.

Who'd be a parent?
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