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Saturday, 16 February 2013

The Cobbler's Children

There are all sorts of things that I feel I should be sharing my opinions on, like why is no store being prosecuted for selling us horse meat labeled as beef.   Now I have nothing against eating horse. indeed I have with great pleasure and probably will again, but I only want to be eating horse, or indeed any other meat when I have been told that it is horse, and I want to know that it is meat assured suitable for human consumption, I think the big problem here is that what we were told was beef was not (on at least one occasion donkey has been found), and that it may not be safe meat, it certainly has not been through the safe process.   We are all being told that the supermarkets were duped and are as much victims as the rest of us, I can't see this, they are the ones who sold the products as beef and should have taken appropriate measures to ensure that they were telling the truth.

I am not a Roman Catholic, one of my fundamental disagreements with their theology is the infallibility of the papacy, in the Church of England we have a clear understanding that to be priest is a vocation for life, anything else that a priest does is a job.   So whether Archbishop of Canterbury of Vicar of Nether Wallop the incumbent is a priest doing a job, once retired they are still a priest.   A retired Bishop may be asked to perform some of the functions of a serving Bishop when there is an interregnum, just as a retired vicar may be asked to fill in.   The one post that is different is Supreme Governor, The Queen, this is an hereditary position, anointed in succession for life, a lifetime service.   Apart from the Church of England and the Church of Scotland all other protestant Churches elect (or otherwise appoint)  their leaders for a fixed period, leadership is seen as a role, or indeed a job.   The Papacy is different (or rather was different) this is (or was) seen as a divine adoption of a successor to Peter, again a lifetime anointment, not a Job to be picked up or put down as circumstances change.   If this is a divine appointment then surely God will make the decision right and provide the incumbent with everything needed to fill the role until they are taken home to be by God's side.   To e the ability of a Pope to retire undermines the whole theology of the Papacy just as the abdication of a Monarch undermines the whole ethos of Monarchy.

How come a Meteor in central Russia (the Urals) resulting in around 500 injuries was only around fifth item on any news bulletin?   I would have thought that this was a much more news worthy story than some of the stuff that came before it.

These are the sort of things I should be writing about, but what I really want to say is how good it was today to get outside and do some work in my own garden.   I put up a new light in the front of the house, and tidied the larger of our borders in the back garden.   We have also made a couple of decisions about improvement projects for this year (which involve me cutting down four trees, but panting some more, more appropriate, ones in their place) in all a good afternoon, now looking forward to a nice quiet evening, just my wife and me, and an old film.
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