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Paula's Place

Friday, 22 February 2013

A Trip to Town

Today my daughter and I had an outing together, although it was to a event (London Fashion Weekend) I wanted to attend I found I was looking forward to the time with my daughter more than the event.   My daughter is very interested in fashion and I am now admitting much more to my interest.   We travelled up to town by train and then had lunch together at the Cafe Rouge near Charring Cross.

Ordering our lunch I slipped and automatically ordered myself a glass of wine, then I realised that it is Lent and I am committed to giving up booze, I rushed over to the waitress and cancelled my order, I felt such a wilf!   We had a nice cosy place in the corner and had a good chat and the food was good as well, I had a simple Caesar salad and my daughter some mushrooms Florentine before we both had a smoked salmon omelet.

It was very cold outside today and when we left the restaurant the chill soon got through to me, it must have been worse for my daughter as her sense of fashion was stronger than her sense of self preservation so she had rejected wearing a coat, at least she did have a hat.   We scurried up The Strand to Somerset House and the show.   We picked up our goodies bags and got in the warm of the exhibition.

to be continued;~~~~~~
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