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Paula's Place

Friday, 22 February 2013

The Weekend

London Fashion Weekend that is, we arrived in time to have a quick look around and assess what we wanted to see then it was time for the catwalk show.   Neither of us had ever been to anything like this before so we weren't quite sure what to expect.   What we were treated to was a show in four parts representing what had been identified as key looks from the Fashion Week shows.   We had Graphic Art, Urban Lifestyles, Eastern Promise and Dolls House, each section having twelve outfits.   Out of the forty eight outfits on show there was only one I would have worn, and then not with those shoes, but I can now see how what is shown at events like this does influence what we buy in the high street.   So expect bold geometric patterns,  "Eastern" printed silk style trousers, and pretty with attitude clothes be around for a while.   I also gather that bold black and white combinations are going to be very in.

It has to be said that this is highly unlikely to influence a lady of my age and shape very much.

As much as by the clothes I was struck by the models, tall skinny young girls, a couple who were so skinny that they could have been boys, no shape at all, they were obviously under instructions not to look as though they might have been enjoying themselves as throughout they all had either glum or blank expressions, ~ and the way they walk!   I have never seen anyone in any other environment walk like that.   I have heard talk of the "model walk" and expected something elegant, but no to my eyes this was somewhere around the borders between comic and gruesome.

So outside of the catwalk show there were lots of stalls selling designer gear, bags, clothes, shoes, hats, jewelry, there was also a big Toni & Guy salon doing hair restyles, a major Elizabeth Arden doing makeovers, Triumph Lingerie were giving away free panties and nail corp were doing manicures.   If Paula had been there she would have had some of all of that, but could I persuade my daughter to go for any of it? not a chance.   The only bit f participation I could talk her into was having her photo taken at the Canon stand, and then she choose a different one to me to be printed.

All in all we had an excellent day out, it was fun to be with my daughter for the whole day, note to self must do that more, while she will still have lunch with me.
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