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Paula's Place

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Hair do

Today (Wednesday) I had my hair "done" I was going to say cut but somehow that seems like an inadequate expression for what Nicky did.   This is the third time I have been to her and each time she takes a little off here and there, evens out the layers, and somehow it seems to get fuller, my hair is now about the length I want and a style that works whichever way I am presenting.   I am so happy not to have to wear a wig anymore, it is so much more comfortable, and I am not forever worrying that it is slipping, or that some of my own grey hair is showing underneath, it has indeed been quite liberating, I am just grateful that I still have enough of my own hair to have a choice!
Anyway, we had quite a chat until it was time for the blow dry, the noise rather stops conversation, bu this is when the real magic happens, somehow she transforms my whole appearance, my hair just seems so much "bigger" and shows some real style.

I have so far made a point of only going as Paula, although I was in drab when I booked my first appointment, to me it does not seem quite fair, or indeed polite to chop and change, let them know one person, not confuse the issue with multiples.   The first time Nicky cut my hair I wore and M & S Grey woollen trouser suit, last time my mauve skater dress with black opaque tights, today I wore a Next grey wool dress, and jacket with sheer tights and black heels, as I was leaving Nicky commented, that I always looked very nice.   I floated away!

Only trouble, I left my phone there, by the time I realised they had shut so I have to go back in the morning, before going up to tow with my daughter for a catwalk show at London Fashion Weekend, I fear I may have to turn up as "Him" to claim my phone.
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