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Monday, 21 January 2013


I was playing up in town this afternoon and evening, in an effort to reinforce my environmental credentials I decided to travel by public transport.   The train into town was a little late but nothing to cause concern.   We rehearsed, we played (an excellent service by the way, very good preacher!) then I needed to get back home quickly so I left and made straight for Victoria Station.

I wanted to be back promptly as my wife was out, one of several thousand excited screaming middle aged women at the O2 for the Donny and Marie concert.   Not my sort of thing at all, but she when with an old school friend and had an excellent time, anyway back to my story.   Arriving at Victoria just about every train going my way was cancelled, and the ones that weren't cancelled were delayed.   When they got tiered of being delayed they became cancelled.   After waiting around 45 minutes there was an announcement one train would be leaving on the Orpington line, we all made for the platform and boarded the train when it arrived.   On the platform I met another couple who had been playing in the orchestra at the same service.

All went well, if slow, until we got to Herne Hill, there we had to stop and wait for the train in front which was having some problems.   We had periodic announcements from the driver to keep us as up to date with developments, unfortunately the PA system in the train was barely adequate but I could hear and had to pass on to the other passengers what was happening.   It continued to have problems until after over half an hour the train in front it gave up the effort and was declared a breakdown so our service was now cancelled.   My friends had smart phones and were trying to work out a way to get home, when another passenger told us he had called his wife to collect him and would we like a lift?

We took him up on the offer, and actually spent a very pleasant half hour with him on the final stretch of the journey.   The final results
  • Maybe humanity doesn't all stink
  • I got to know some friends a bit better
  • A ten minute journey took 2 hours
  • My wife got home before me
  • My daughter had the house to herself for all of a Sunday evening
  • We all actually had a pretty good evening
Challenge for Meg, how about that title for a musical reference?
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