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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Nice Frock

Valentino Couture
I am highly unlikely to buy anything from a Paris Couture House, but I am aware that they do inspire and inform the designs that work their way through to the less expense end of the market, The Telegraph has just put up their selection of favorite "Frocks" from the Paris shows here.   There are one or two that I really like, none that I could see myself wearing, but I would be very happy to see someone younger and more shapely wearing them.

I am writing this on Saturday afternoon, in a little while my wife and daughter will be going to visit my mother-in-law in hospital, when they get back we will be going out to dinner to celebrate my wife's birthday.   As I expect we will be quite late back I don't anticipate adding anything later.   Then tomorrow (Sunday) looks pretty full as I will be at Church in the morning, and after lunch will be travelling up to town for another LGSO rehearsal.

As the orchestra only know Paula I shall of course be dressed, but strangely at the moment I don't feel the strong drive to dress that I sometimes ~ well mostly actually ~ feel.   I will be taking my cue from the other ladies in the orchestra and shall be wearing skinny jeans, boots and a long sweater.   The only question is which boots, I have some calve length flats which are nice but just a little tight or a couple of pairs of ankle boots, one pair is suede with thin heels and quite dressy, the other is leather with a Cuban heel, more cowboyish.
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