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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Looking forward

I mentioned yesterday that I have a lot on my mind at the moment, this is because once again I find I am over committed.   I am writing this on Monday morning for publication on Tuesday as I couldn't sleep and have got up early and have a few moments.   This week is going to be silly, but I need to make some space in it.

Tonight (Monday) I have a rehearsal of the Brass Band, the final rehearsal before a concert on Thursday.   Tuesday evening my wife and I go to our first proper session with Relate, I have high hopes of these sessions, as long as we can see them through and follow up on what ever comes out of them.   Then on Wednesday evening it is the wind band's turn for a rehearsal, and then on Thursday it's that Brass Band concert.   Thursday is also the deadline for paying my income tax, so I have to make sure that all the funds are in the right place and sent off on time.   Friday my daughter has her audition for the BRIT School, that night I plan to take a deep breath, and sit down.

Just to add to the fun we expect my Mother-in-Law will be coming out of hospital today (Monday) and that means that my wife will have to stay with her for a couple of nights.   Fortunately she lives very close.

Things to look forward to
  • My Daughter's audition on Friday
  • The Six Nations Starts this weekend
  • Going to a concert on the 9th that I'm not playing in.
  • LGSO concert on the 17th
  • getting back to work now the snow has cleared.
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