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Paula's Place

Wednesday, 2 January 2013


It is a popular mantra in the "Trans Community" that we reject the labels that society tries to put on us.   I often hear (or more accurately read) rejections of the "gender binary" I have indeed on occasion found myself spouting some of the usual stuff about releasing the inner girl, about how I am more than a cross dresser, that I am both male and female, that I am trying to express my femininity, at the moment my considered, and professional opinion is that all of this is something that when matured would be very good for the roses.

Anyway, what actually prompted this post was looking at the list of "labels" on the side bar of this blog, I have them arranged in order of the most at the top running down the less used, at the top I have "Clothes", "Going Out" and then "Family", these are followed by "Work" "Shopping" and various other things.   This may be a reflection of how the blog started, i.e. specifically about my exploration of my cross dressing, but I also fear that it may be a reflection of the priorities I have had over that same period.   If this is true then the most worrying factor is that "Marriage" comes in 28th position, after such important things as "Bras" "Under Dressing" and "Make Up"   In my defence I have tried to make this blog slightly frivolous and have tended to avoid a lot of the heavy issues in life, but for someone who regularly states that marriage is very important to me it seems that I don't write about it very often.   As Penny says "Marriage maintenance sounds like a very sound thing to invest time in" and as I have said that is something I am determined to do.

You may tell that there has been a fair bit of navel gazing going on at "chez Gee", I am not often given to introspection, maybe because I don't always like what I see.
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