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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

This is life, not a rehearsal

This evenings rehearsal went better than I expected, well it went better than I expected for me.   Fortunately all the music is well within my register, with nothing too challenging technically, the same can't be said for my colleagues on tenor and alto trombone, and even after a few rehearsals some of the strings are still uncertain in places.   Of course I am assured that it will be "alright on the night", and strangely it usually is.   As the trombones are not in the concerto we were released early, I had a few things with me so I managed my quick change act and Paula drove back towards home.

As I was approaching the Grape and Grain for a swift half before home, I noticed a friend's car parked outside so diverted myself to another establishment in the area, The Alma.   This is another very nice pub, quieter than the G & G with real (looking) fires and a decent menu, it was nice to be accepted while I enjoyed a quiet couple of halves, and tried to sort out my diary.

I was trying to sort out my diary as at the moment I seem to have five days work and only three days to do it in.   I will have to concentrate on office work tomorrow before going up to town for my concert.   Then on Wednesday morning I have made an appointment for a hair cut.   This is something I haven't done since the seventies, I finally got fed up with bad hair cuts from barbers and made an appointment with a so called unisex hairdresser.    I plan to make it clear that I came to a unisex hairdresser because I want a unisex hair cut.   I long for a style that I can wear both as a man and as a woman rather than having to rely on a wig, failing that I will settle for a decent hair cut.   I am contemplating turning up for the appointment as Paula, but fear that might confuse the issue too much, I may just provide a few pointers, e.g. nail polish, a (girls) ring, maybe even a trouser suit.   Whatever this should set me up well for a meeting I have in the afternoon with a local authority before dashing back for an appointment with my osteopath.   The rehearsal in the evening should be a doddle after that lot.

I haven't worked out my timings for Thursday, but I may have time to meet up with my friend B after the funeral.   He had an interview today, while I value his help I do hope he manages to get a "proper job" soon, what I can give him is nowhere near enough to live on.   I haven't seen him since I got back from holiday so maybe we can have dinner together since my wife will be out, I'll have to see when I get back from Oxfordshire.
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