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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Just a quicky

yes just a quick post to tell you all what a great night I have had, and also to show that you can have a good time in drab!   Of course tonight's drab is not very drab, in as much as I am doing the full black tie and dinner jacket bit.   We had a good concert, better than most of us expected, with a new trombone section that worked well together, I hope we will have the same section again, it makes it much easier, and more musical when we can build a relationship and understanding within a section.

The overture ( Mendelssohn – Ruy Blas Overture ) went well, just one impromptu solo from the alto trombone, then we sat out the concerto ( Beethoven – Piano Concerto No.5 ‘Emperor’ ) which was excellent, then after the interval we played Sibelius  Symphony No.5, this is one of those pieces that is much harder to play than it sounds, anyway we got away with it.   The wind and the brass were OK  the strings struggled with sound in some of the quiet exposed passages, but overall not bad, ~ and the audience loved it.   The down side to the evening was that the local pub (the Marquis of Granby) was closed, so I got on the no 3 bus sober and made way towards home.

So I arrived back at Crystal Palace around 10:20 after having played trombone all evening with a bit of a thirst, so I popped into the good old Grape and Grain for a pint.   They always keep their beer well, and tonight it slipped down very well.   I got involved in a conversation with the land lady that took us well after closing time, and into a few "afters".   It is so nice to be welcomed, accepted and befriended, I am amazed that this is a pub that I use both in my male and female personas and I am still equally welcomed and happy both ways.   The couple who run this Pub are fast becoming heroes of mine, I don't think that they are naturals, in as much as they have no LGBT tendencies themselves but they are open minded enough to welcome us into their pub and engage with our issues and try to understand.   We need more people like this so lets encourage them, when we meet them, and thank them for thier understanding and acceptance.

It was so nice to have a chance to chat with someone who knows me both ways, is interested, but is more interested in me, non judgemental, and just simply friendly, also she was wearing great animal print tights! (by the way if this should be a little incoherent I am a little relaxed due to over indulgence and am now retiring)

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