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Paula's Place

Friday, 9 November 2012

The long weight

I meant to mention this before, a dire waring about the potential side effects of holidays.   I weighed myself on the Thursday morning before we left, at that time I was exactly 12 stone (168 lbs).   After spending a week sunning myself, sitting on the balcony reading and drinking cold beer I returned home relaxed and (very slightly) bronzed.   On Saturday Morning I weighed myself again I had put on six pounds in 9 days.   It has to be said that I did not indulge heavily in chocolate, ice creams or indeed any other sweet things, I think it was simply down to being lazy.

I have now been back at work for four days and am back down to 12 stone 3 pounds already.   I find that I will generally plateau at around 12 stone, if I go much over I start to feel flabby, if I go much under I start to feel a bit weak.   I expect that by the end of next week I will be back at my 12 stone mark with very little effort, it's not fair really my wife struggles with her weight and has to put in a concerted effort to lose any.   Likewise with nails, while we were away she had a few tries at nail polish, it just doesn't seem fair that both my wife and daughter have pretty poor nails, that split,, break and peel, polish peels off or chips easily, yet my nails grow strongly and evenly they are easily shaped and the polish goes on well ~ it's just not fair!

As far as I can tell these extra few pounds have no effect on how my girl clothes will fit, but I haven't actually worn any of them since I got back, but last night at my rehearsal I mentioned the increase and a couple of people did say that they could tell, ~ well wow I never realise anyone looked at me that closely, i know I was wearing quite a snug fitting polo neck jumper, but even so.......
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