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Paula's Place

Saturday, 10 November 2012


Well today (Friday) I had quite a lot to get done, and even managed some of it.   I had to drop a key round to one of my customers, the lady who owned the house died earlier this year but I have been continuing to look after the garden until the house was sold.   They now have an exchange date and were clearing the last few things and as I had the only key to the lock on the garden gate I had to drop that round to them.   It was a bit sad, the end of an era, I had got to know and like this lady over a period of about 8 years looking after her garden and helping out in other small ways, I shall miss her and her garden.   Then a bit later at another customer I heard that they are expecting an addition to the family in the spring.    I put in the last of my daffodil bulbs to celebrate the news!   In a way this is a reminder that in life just as in gardening the seasons turn, things die off in autumn and winter to make way for fresh life in the spring.

This thought kept revolving in my mind as I spent most of the afternoon raking up leaves and cutting back the dead growth of herbaceous perennials.   There is a reassurance in the knowledge that fresh growth will come in the spring.

So I have a busy weekend and what looks like being a busy week ahead as well, at the moment I am still in the happy position of having slightly more work than I have time for, especially now that I have to pack up earlier as the evenings draw in.   It really struck me today how quickly it got dark, at 4:00 p.m. it was bright and sunny, by 4:30 it was too dark to work, if this carries on I may have to start getting up earlier.   I will have to get up early tomorrow anyway as I have to make sure I am in good time to help with registration at our Band Event, I have been looking forward to this for some time, it's just a shame that it is the same day as my support group meets, ironically I have been able to get to the last four or five meetings, while my friend Juliet hasn't been able to, but she will be there tomorrow when it looks like I will have to miss out.
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