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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Know yourself

Today is Remembrance day, and for the first time in about 30 years I have not been playing in a special remembrance service, so instead this morning I was at my home church for a baptism service, I can think of few better ways to spend a Sunday morning.

Joanne Watmore smiles as she scores on her England debut in the match
against France at Esher.
Photograph: tomlinson
When I got home I watched the high lights of yesterdays England Rugby international, very pleased with the result, but one or two things worried me, mostly the way the "donkeys" kept turning up in the mid field and ended up slowing the ball down or making wrong decisions.   There were a couple of occasions where the ball went to a lock or a prop and then got carried into contact, if the ball had gone to a three quarter there woudl have been another try scored.   I know that you will not all appreciate and love the game the way I do, but this has something to do with knowing your self and knowing the role you play.   

Interestingly a major theme at yesterdays event was also knowing your role, only in that context of course it was the role within a band.

At risk of sounding a bit like Radio Four's thought for the day, I think there could be a lesson for life in there somewhere as well, possibly more about knowing yourself than any thing about roles, certainly life becomes much easier when you accept who you are, of course that is easier for some than others, personally I find I am much less personally conflicted since I accepted that I am to some extent trans and will need to express that part of my nature through periodical cross dressing.   while there is still much that I don't understand and possibly never will at least I am now content that this is who and what I am.
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