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Paula's Place

Monday, 8 October 2012

The weekend starts here

I had such a good time over the weekend that I don't quite know where to start so I will go for the traditional approach and start at the beginning.   Friday morning was nice and bright, and for once I was reasonably keen to get up.   I had been in two minds as to whether I should get away as quickly as possible and get changed on the way, or wait until my wife had gone to work and get fully dressed at home.   I opted for the former.

I had sold a some old wheel trims on e-bay to someone near Oxford, as these were quite bulky I decided to deliver them rather than entrust them to a courier, so I got dressed, jeans burgundy cord shirt and Cuban heeled boots and set off.    On my way to Oxford I stopped and put on my makeup and nail polish.   The journey was uneventful and Motorway nearly all the way, only the last part taking my through the Oxfordshire countryside.   It would have been nice to spend some time looking around Oxford, but that is for another day.   After dropping off my parcel I headed South West, much of the journey now being on A roads.   Although not so quick much more fun.   The roads the selves are more interesting to drive on and there is more opportunity to enjoy the views.   Somehow there is more of a sense of being somewhere, rather than just passing by.

I wanted to spend as much time as possible over the weekend as girlie as possible so I got changed en-route putting on my black and grey day dress with some low(ish) heel court shoes, I felt good and I guess looked OK

By the time I reached Wells it was pretty solid rain, this rather limited my sightseeing but I was not going to miss out all together.   I parked up and headed for the City centre and the Cathedral.   As a town I think Wells would reward a longer look on a nice day but the main attraction is the Cathedral.   I arrived just in time to join the three o'clock tour.   everyone n the tour just accepted this rather large middle aged lady, I had conversations with most of them and the guide, and even had a quick argument  discussion on the nature of sainthood.   The guide was more interested in their ancient cock and some of the tombs than me, I think the main points of interest are the ornate carved West front and the unique scissor arches.

These arches look modern in both the freshness of the carving and the cleanness of line, but are in fact a medieval solution to a particular problem with this site.   Built near the wells that give the City it's name the weight of the central tower began to cause the whole structure to subside, these arches allowed the master-mason to brace the structure and spread the load of the tower, a clever engineering solution and a unique and beautiful structure.

As it was raining I just made my way back to the van, via a few charity shops ~ I was tempted by some more shoes but resisted.   Next stop the Hotel, it was only on the way to the hotel that I realised I had come out without a map.   I usually keep a map book in the van but for some reason I only had an A-Z of London with me, not a lot of good in rural Somerset.

I found the Hotel OK booked in without incident or comment (the room was booked in his name) and made my way up to the room.   The room was fantastic, when I opened the door I was totally gobsmacked!   I think the bed alone was as big as our whole bedroom at home.
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