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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Later that night......

Well not so much that night as the evening.  The Hotel was very nice and very welcoming, and the room wonderful, the bed was enormous and the en suite bathroom as big as ours at home.  I took the trouble to unpack my case even though I would only be there the one night, it was so nice to hang up all my dresses and put all my smalls into draws.   Of course I took far too many clothes, but then that allowed me to change my mind.   I knew it would take me some time getting ready so after a cup of tea (I am English after all) I ran myself a bath and settled back into the bubbles and relaxed.    After shaving what had to be shaved I eventually got myself out of the bath and started to get dressed for dinner.   I went with the popular vote and decided to go with the black and silver dress, I have to admit I do love this dress, it is very stylish quite silky and not too short.
I took my time getting ready, again it was nice not to rush, I choose matching bra and panties, and feeling daring got out a pair of ff stockings and a suspender belt, then my black satin teddy.   Having got my undies on I then sat down to do my makeup.   Again it normally seems to be a bit of a rush in order to get the most of any time out I have, so I took my time making sure everything was just how I wanted it.   I normally have trouble with liquid eyeliner but taking my time made all the difference.   I went for a more dramatic "night time" look to go with the dress, and was very happy with the result.   Then the finishing touches of sparkly jewelry and my "crowing glory.   One final decision, which shoes to wear.   I tried on my three options, and in the end decided on these not least on the grounds of comfort.   I tried to take some photos so I could show you all how I looked, unfortunately my photography skills let me down, this was about as good as I could get.

So then I picked up my purse, just a little clasp bag with a big bow, and my new sparkly black stole and down for dinner.

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