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Paula's Place

Monday, 8 October 2012

More of the same

I have had a great weekend, I have just got home (12:05 Monday morning) and I am buzzing. This is in no small thanks to having popped into the Grape and Grain for a quick glass of wine on my way home, where I found myself in the middle of a comedy night, and ended up being chatted up by quite a nice young man.   I cannot believe that he could be in any doubt what kind of girl I am, but I am still very flattered and rather enthralled to find out more.

I know I am treading on dodgy ground here but I may, or may not, pursue this. Anyway back to the weekend ~ I plan to give you a day by day account of my adventure (such as it is) with photos for those of you who like me are into medieval cathedrals.   I think that at the moment all I am in a position to say is.........

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