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Paula's Place

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Obsessed and rambling

Got in a good day's work today, this did mean getting wet a couple of times but that was OK, it was good to get my hands dirty and get some proper solid gardening work done.   Of course the down side of getting my hands dirty is just that.   Now the temperature is falling and the soil is wet my hands really dry out, I seem to need about half a bottle of Vaseline Intensive Care lotion each evening.   The soil gets into the skin and under the nails.   I have allowed my nails to grow a bit more than usual as I would really like them to be nice for my weekend.   I should be able to get my hands clean and a nice nail polish should cover any signs of dirt under the nails, but I will admit to worrying about them.

In fact I am pretty obsessed at the moment with my weekend away.   I have wanted to go to Wells for years, so I am looking forward to seeing the Cathedral and the City, but now I am looking forward to a Paula day as much or even more.   Just the idea of spending a whole day dressed to please no except me, doing things I really enjoy, in nice places, is so exciting.   The Hotel looks as though it will be very nice, with a decent restaurant, spending the night there should be fun, maybe a drink before dinner, possibly even a Grand Marnier with a coffee afterwards, and, the chance to go to bed and wake up Paula as well.   That will be a rare treat, to not have to clean off the nail polish and get back into drab at the end of the day.

In case it isn't obvious I am a little bit obsessed with this trip, I am worrying about what to wear, what to pack, what time to leave home, I am also worrying about getting the "transit of delights" ready for the journey.   It has crossed my mind that since my last van was called Gloria Monday, maybe I should name this one Gloria Tuesday

Please vote for your preferred dress, in the mean time I might relax a little tomorrow as I have an appointment booked with my osteopath.
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