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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Hair today

First of, please vote in  my little poll on the right, to will help me decide which dress I will wear o Saturday night.

This year I have got into the habit of regular, thorough shaving.   I'm not just talking about my face here, but my chest, legs, tummy, arms, pits etc. etc. basically I have developed a big down on body hair.   Certainly it is not lady like to be too hairy, but I seem to have gone a bit overboard and have been keeping bits clean shaven that no one is ever going to see.
This is how I will look on holiday
That has got to stop.   At the end of the month we will be going on our first family holiday for a couple of years, we will be going to Malta where it will still be very warm and I will be expected (and indeed will want to) take off my shirt, wear shorts and swim in the hotel pool.  

I think that if I stop my excessive shaving regime after this weekend I should be OK.   I do have a support group meeting the weekend after next, but I will have to wear a polo neck and jeans for that, other than that I will not be dressing until after I get back from holiday.

For some reason chest hair seems to grow quicker than any other area but with four weeks to go I should have a decent covering of fuzz all over.   It seems a bit strange but I am rather dreading this, especially my pits!   While I don't anticipate any real discomfort I know there will be a stage when the hair will start to itch, and with it being everywhere that could be rather difficult.   Maybe I should just treat the experience in the same way as a "method" actor preparing for a role, after all I will be spending a whole week acting as a man, and a man on holiday at that
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