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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Shoes, Boots, and shopping

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Meg tells me that in the USA 25% of women have 50 or more pairs of shoes, that sounds like an awful lot of shoes to me, then I stared to think about how many pairs I have and I soon got to over a dozen.   Then today I got seduced into buying another pair.   I was in a different High Street and felt obliged to look round their charity shops, in the Cancer Research shop I hit lucky and came out with a nice black evening shawl (I may have a use for that very soon) a plain black cotton cardi, and my most outrageous shoes yet.

I was in guy mode so only slipped then on, rather than a proper try on.   They are more silver than shows in this photo s I though they woudl go nicely with my black and silver cocktail dress, which I will probably be wearing for dinner on Saturday night.   Getting the home and trying them on properly I find I can't do up the strap, other wise they fit and feel fine, I will try to put in an extra hole nearer the end of the strap and see if that helps, if not it looks like I will have to wear these....

Or these.....

Or maybe these
Of course these day I find that I am wearing boots a lot of the time.   I like boots and very nearly bought another pair today.   I saw a pair of nice brown flat healed knee high boots and another pair of Black "riding" boots, both apparently in my size.   They were both a bit more than I would normally pay and as I couldn't really try them on I decided not to bite.   Now I suspect I woudl have been better off with the than the shoes I did buy.
Anyway, these are my favorite boots 

Although I do like these
And These
But these are ones I seem to spend most time wearing.

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