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Sunday, 21 October 2012

New hose needed

I have spent pretty much all of today working, I don't like working on Saturdays but sometimes it just has to be done.   The frustration today is that we didn't manage to do everything we wanted to.   First I put in a quote for a clearance, I'm waiting to hear if I have got the job or not, the price I gave is enough of an encouragement if I do get it, but I was not keen enough to put in a low price.   I am very lucky at the moment I have enough work to keep me going.

Not this type of hose
After this quote, it was back to trying to fix a pond, that on and off I seem t have been working on for the last two years. today we aimed to wire in a new pump, unfortunately when we started we found that a lot of the garden wiring was somewhere between poor and dangerous, so the whole lot had t be replaced.   B the time it got dark we still hadn't got the pump installed, so this will mean back there again on Monday, and oh yes the pipe had got brittle and cracked, so I need to buy a new hose, and not the type made by Pretty Poly.

So tomorrow I need to get to a garden centre to buy some hose, and then on Monday, I will again have two people working for me in two different locations, and somehow I have to supervise and control the whole lot, when at heart I am mostly thinking about being on Holiday.
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