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Paula's Place

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Fiddling about

Not that type of Fiddle
I have just been fiddling about with the lay out of the blog.   I have added a search facility and a list of post labels, click on the label and you should get a list of posts that I labeled.   I have also reduced the amount of space taken up by the blog archive, now it is a pull down.

I have removed a couple of my friends blogs as well, not because they are no longer my friends but because the blogs have become inactive, for whatever reason if there is no post for a couple of months I have decided t remove the link.   So basically just a bit of housekeeping to keep things easy to use and up to date ~ I hope I all works.

In a little while I am off to wire in a pond pump ~ ah the exciting weekends I have, and then I must, must get out my toys and do a bit of practise.   I have decided that I will have to use my EEb tuba for our next couple of concerts, and since I haven't played it for several months I had better get in practise on that, and I haven't played the Bass Guitar since last time I used it at Church, so I must try to get a bit better on that as well.   That is my personal musical winter goal this year ~ get competent on the Bass Guitar.
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