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Paula's Place

Saturday, 6 October 2012

A quick up date

I will write more when I get home and have more time, but I had a lovely time yesterday, even though it rained for much of the day, I dropped off some stuff I ad sold on e-bay near Oxford and then down to Wells.   I did much of the journey on A roads, avoiding too much time on Motorways, this may have made the journey take a bit longer but it was worth it, in lower stress and better views.   Driving through one is taken back to an earlier age, where maybe there was a England worth fighting for.   Wells itself is well worth the journey.

As it was raining my sight seeing was rather limited but the Cathedral alone is wonderful.   This unique building has a unity lacking from many of our Cathedrals, as it is built primarily in one style (English Gothic) with just a little early decorated.

My hotel is fantastic, they must be making a loss on the what they are charging me, again when I have more time I will write more and post some pictures.   For dinner I followed your choice and wore my black and silver frock with bronze "killer" heels and feeling a bit naughty some seemed black stockings. I knew I was overdressed but I felt sexy and fabulous, and it was fun.   Interestingly I had plenty of time to bath and dress, and I can't remember ever enjoying getting dressed so much.   It was so nice t have the time get my makeup just right, spend the time getting everything adjusted just so.   Sometimes I underrate these small pleasures, but it helped make this a special night.

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