Paula's Place

Paula's Place

Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Dinner was pleasant, but not great, although the other dinners acknowledged my presence no one spoke to me apart from the staff.   This was the only area that let the Hotel down a little I asked for a Kir, then had to explain to the waiter what that is, he came back a while later to apologise that they didn't have any Creme de Cassis, so I ordered a bottle of wine instead, the wine then didn't arrive until after my starter.  The food was OK, unadventurous, plentiful and well cooked.   Dinning alone is nearly always a little disappointing, and the English seem to treat eating as less of an event than other Europeans, where a restaurant dinner will be the evenings entertainment as well.

After dinner I adjourned to the bar for a coffee and Grande Marnier, there was only one other person there and he was did in work, so I sat on own and read.   I was reading "Broke Back Mountain"   I have not seen the film but found this short story very moving, the only other thing I have read by Annie Proulx is "The Shipping News" again and excellent novel that was made into an excellent movie.

Specially for you I spent (wasted) a bit of time today recreating what I wore on Friday night and managed a couple of better photos.   I do like my new shawl I think that it would work well with both of my LBDs as well, maybe helping to cover up those rather muscular shoulders.  The clutch bag is lovely, but a bit small only space for a room key and a lipstick, just right.
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