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Paula's Place

Thursday, 18 October 2012

But he's a Dragon

The wizard has got it wrong, he's a dragon not a vulture

You will find over the next few weeks that I have prepared quite a few of my posts in advance, and a lot of them are based on cartoons; I like cartoons they cheer me up each morning as I get my fix, and sometimes as the day progresses they inspire, or at least influence my post.   The thing is that as I am going on holiday soon (I may have mentioned this before) I am very busy getting ahead of myself with work so I can take the time off, as well as all the usual hectic lifestyle stuff I seem to have adopted. 
Today (Tuesday) I had to take my daughter to school, afterwards I went to the bank, and as I had a little time on my parking I popped into Primark, this is not a store I usually patronise, but I did manage to pick up a couple of pairs of work trousers (I have been finding it quite hard to find the colour I like in a size that fits) some plain black socks, and some quite naughty fashion tights.   So far I have one Christmas "do" that I have been invited to that will involve dressing up (my support group Christmas dinner) and hope to have a Company Christmas dinner as well (but that will only be three or four people).   As the party season approaches I find I have the frocks and the sparklies, I just need the occasion to wear them.

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