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Friday, 19 October 2012


I find myself in a bit of strange place just at the moment.   I am very busy with work, my daughter is very busy with school work, and my wife busy and not feeling well.   This means that I am doing lots of the cooking and housework, well more than usual anyway.

With all the preparations for going away as well I find I am very much focused on the holiday, yet I still can't help my mind turning to trans matters, watching what people are wearing, talking about these things with the few people I can, and wanting to get dressed and go out.   Having made my decision to let my body hair grow if I do get to go out I shall have to be selective as to what I wear, but I do not expect to be going out before we get back.   Last night I cleaned the polish off my toe nails, along with my increasingly hairy legs and armpits I don't feel or think that I look very feminine at the moment, but that doesn't stop me thinking.........

A bit of an odd one this, but earlier this week my wife bought some new bras. Her old ones were all turning grey and sagging, very sad! It had got to the point where I had threatened that if she didn't buy some new ones for herself I would buy them for her. She was sufficiently frightened of what I would buy that she did get some for herself. For the first time she bought some under-wire bras, and then spent most of the next day complaining about them. I have only ever had under-wired and found them perfectly comfortable, but then I don't "need" a bra. And by the way I will not be borrowing hers, they are 44G, (I didn't know there was such a size! G for Gosh?) I use 38C

Now I find that every GG I can talk to about such things prefers soft cup bras, yet every store I go into seems to have about 10 under-wired bras for every one that isn't, so who is buying them all?   I suspect that I am getting close to having more bras than my wife, and I do prefer underwired, yet that can't be true of every household.

That's not me in the photo but it is he last bra I bought for myself, I also bought matching panties and suspender belt, nice.
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