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Paula's Place

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Sin and Temptation

Last night I was playing in a very unusual concert, it was a memorial concert for a friend who died earlier this year, many of his friends were there and quite a lot were playing in the band.   This meant that the band was very large, including a bass section of four.   Only one of us is a regular member of the band and we had not all managed to make a rehearsal, so the final run through was vital.   The one member of the section who is a regular member had all the music, when he found that he had to work on Saturday and would be late he dropped the music around to me to take.

Liz Hurley as the Devil, in the film Bedazzled
Because of uncertainty about who would be there with what instruments I ended up taking two tubas and a trombone, and stands.   As I too had been working it was all a bit of  rush to get showered changed and on my way, it was only when I had turned up at the hall (a little late) brought all the instruments in and stared to set up that I realised I had left all the music for the section at home!   This is just about the ultimate sin for a musician.   Fortunately I live close to the hall and could get home pick up the pads and get back before the run through had finished.

By the way I mentioned getting changed, for those of you who like these sort of details once again I was wearing all fem clothing except for my shoes, dinner jacket and bow tie, and specially for Karin I had a bow count of four, including the tie!

You may have noticed some white space, this is because I have succumbed to temptation and have agreed to run some adverts on the blog.   I justify this decision to myself by thinking about how much time I spend, but basically I just want to see if I do get anything out of it, we'll see.   In the mean time please bear with yet another work in progress
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