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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

A lose Moose

Today I had many various things to do, the largest job was trimming a couple of leylandii back into an appropriate size and shape for a suburban garden, since this meant steps and lots of cutting equipment I had my fried S working with me, as much for safety as for the work load.   I also had a couple of bags of clothes and a rather lovely cuddly Moose to take to a charity shop.

After we had completed our work for the day we popped into the "Sense" shop in West Wickham to drop off my daughters rejects.   While the lady manager there was very happy to take our donations she was surprised that Max (the Moose) should no longer be loved,, I must admit I agreed with her I was very surprised when my daughter put him out, and was very tempted to keep him for myself.   While there we decided to have a quick look around.   There was a rater nice black satin blouse I was tempted by but I wasn't sure so didn't buy, however I did have great fun as I persuaded S that a nice flowery blouse was just what she needed, and then found her a couple of suits as well.   She thought the trousers on one of them would be a bit short on her, but the Lilac Skirt Suit was just right.   It has an interesting cut, the jacket being designed to not quite meet in the middle and having no buttons.   I must admit if S hadn't bought I might have been tempted myself.

I always enjoy a bit of clothes shopping, and it was maybe even more fun with a GG friend I could help choose some nice new clothes for, oh yes and all for £10!
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