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Paula's Place

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Cooling down period

The last couple of evenings I have noticed that it is getting noticeably cooler, the days are still warm to down right hot, but once the sun goes down the temperature is definitely falling.   On the radio the other day the announcer simply said "It's over, summer that is".   These cooler evenings are as sure an indication of the turning of the season as any changes in the flora, and they are happening all around me as well.

As always I am a little sorry and morn the passing season, but I am still excited by the coming one.   Autumn is a time for harvest, planting and preparation.   It is a time of warm changing colours, a time when each flower hanging on is an added blessing.   It is also a time to start changing the wardrobe, the light cotton summer dresses we barely had an opportunity to wear this year can get packed away again, the heavier woolen ones coming to the front of the wardrobe.   Once again I find I have maybe too many black and grey clothes and not enough colour ~ is russet still fashionable? I could fancy a russet dress.  It is also time to get out my coats, I find this quite liberating, for some reason I find it much easier (emotionally) to go out wearing an over coat, and I love my long cashmere Windsmore coat, it makes winter worth while.

I will be celebrating a birthday at the weekend and my friend B will be having one the week after, when we were younger we would often celebrate together, I am wondering if this year we could maybe do something to celebrate together again, only this time I will be wearing a dress.   He has said that in principle he is happy to go out with Paula, the big problem is that over full diary again.
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