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Paula's Place

Thursday, 13 September 2012

A thing of beauty

I may have mentioned that this is a busy period for me, so time for both blogging and Paula are rather limited.   I do hope to find a little time next week, but at the moment I am so busy and have so much admin to catch up on I don't know how or when.

As well as all my regular maintenance work I do other extras, I have recently started working on a project that all in all will probably take me till the end of the year to complete.   Stage one was to demolish and remove a concrete shed, I sub'ed this out, and am very glad I did as it actually turned out to be a bomb proof workshop left over from the last war.   The house is very near what was a major airport at the time and the owner was engaged in important technical war work so he had a very large solid work shop.   Once this was demolished and the ground cleared it was my turn, I put in a wooden base for a new wooden shed, and have just built a compost system.   Now I know not every one will agree with me but I think this is not only practical gardening, and good ecological practise, but is also a thing of beauty.

I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I find beauty in this, so maybe there is a chance for all of us and that in someone's eyes we are all beautiful
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