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Paula's Place

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

Today (Saturday) I have a long day, starting early so I can be in Basingstoke for 10:00 when we start rehearsals for a concert this evening.   There does not look as though there will be much in the programme that I should find too taxing so I plan to take a book, and maybe my laptop.

Rehearsals and the concert will take up the whole day and evening. The nice people putting on the concert did offer accommodation but since I will be away from home for a couple of nights next weekend I decided to drive home after the concert.   If I am not too tired I will be travelling pretty, however since if I don't feel up to changing that will mean driving up the A3 in a tatty old Transit wearing a dinner jacket I'm not sure which woudl be more incongruous.

I did manage to snatch a couple of hours Paula time yesterday evening, but these snatch moments just show me how much I need the more extended times.   somehow I have managed to give myself a day off next Friday, I plan to visit Wells Cathedral and do a bit of tourist stuff in the area.   I shall of course be spending the day as Paula, but I also plan to book an inexpensive Hotel for the night so I can dine, sleep, awake and have breakfast the same way before carrying on to Cardiff to see my Mother.   I am now looking forward to next weekend almost as much as my holiday at the end of October.   In the mean time the following weekend I have an event on the Saturday that I have to attend in deepest Kent, but I still hope that I will be able to get back to Croydon in time for the support group meeting.

Why is that what ever I try to do my life always ends up being at least a little bit frantic

I will write a little more about the journey and the performance wen the dust as settled and I have regained some equilibrium on Sunday.
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