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Paula's Place

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Tired and wandering

I have just got home, it's almost 3.00 a.m. and obviously I am a little tired.   This evenings concert went well, a small orchestra (well more of a band really) and a small choir but some great soloists.   Two sopranos sang very well, and a good young trumpet player also did a couple of slots.   The main feature though was a sequence of "Last night of the Proms" numbers at the end with lots of communal singing.   Everyone seemed to enjoy the event and considered it a great success.

Of course everything could not just go swimmingly, when I got to the venue at just gone ten this morning I found I had left my wallet at home, no matter I thought I won't need any money till I'm on the way home and they had promised me expenses.   My plan was to change into my LBD for the journey home, stopping at the Starbucks on the A3 just north of Guildford for a coffee and maybe a slice of cake.   All went well until I opened my small brown envelop and found......a cheque!   By this point I had already changed so I just came home, but of course had to change again, and then I will have to change yet again to go to bed.   Life would be so much simpler without this compulsion!

So that one is over, in the morning my daughter is singing at Church, and then in the evening it's my wife's turn, neither of them will be at our worship team meeting on Thursday as my daughter is singing in a concert at her school, so I have rehearsals on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, my wife has meetings on Tuesday and Thursday, my daughter has a concert on Thursday, and then on Friday morning I'm off on a long weekend.   Is this normal? I'm sure other peoples lives can't be this complex, can they?

Anyway enough meanderings, I'm off to bed now, hopefully I will be able to craft a more cogent post tomorrow.
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