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Friday, 28 September 2012

More jobs

When I got back from Seville, we got married on the first Saturday available at the local registry office ~ at the time we were not practising members of any church and thought it hypocritical t get married in a church just for some nice photos, but that's a story for another day.

Marriage concentrated my mind and brought me to the decision that I ought to get a proper job, with a salary and a pension, you know be responsible.   While I was looking for something I went back to temping, more driving, warehousing, a bit of office work but mostly light industrial stuff.   Eventually I got a job with the Spastics Society running non retail businesses, soon TSS changed it's name to Scope and my job title to recycling manager, this was a very rewarding and productive period in my career, I feel I built a good solid, sound business that would generate sustainable funds for a charity I believe in.   After a few years I also felt that I had gone as far with the business as I could, it needed somebody else to manage the next stage, and as I was offered a decent job in the commercial sector it seemed only polite to accept.   After another job in commercial side of recycling I set up on my own.   Thus ended my third career.

In theory I now have three businesses, Gardening, music and (this always cracks me up as I remember the sopranos) as a Waste Management consultant.   At the moment I can't imagine doing anything else, but then again 10 years ago I couldn't have imagined where I woudl be today.
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