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Saturday, 1 September 2012

An Interesting Evening

Last night (Thursday it has taken me this long to try to work out what I am actually going to write) I went and had dinner with my friend B, I have known B since we went to Grammar School way back in the dark ages, for several years we shared a flat, and have been intimate friends sharing holidays and and much else.

Work got in the way of my getting there on time so we more or less went straight in to dinner, drinking beer rather than the wine I took.   B's son lives with him and should have been having dinner with us, but he (the son) was delayed after work as well and he couldn't make it so we were alone.  As I had anticipated the son's presence I had decided to under-dress rather than go "En Femme" so although my shirt was the only male clothing I was wearing this was not obvious, under my jeans I was wearing some nice but practical panties, very sheer black tights with a back seam and a black satin teddy.   My toes nails were still cherry red and my finger nails had a clear polish.   Anyone looking would see but only if they looked.  

Of course having come out to B only a matter of days earlier he had lots of questions for me.   Interestingly not all the usual ones, he was very interested to hear about my "date" on Tuesday night, how I felt about it as well as what happened ~ or rather didn't; do I shave my legs? what do I wear? more that sort of thing, avoiding the are you gay? do you want to be a woman? stuff.   During dinner I made one very interesting discovery, and one I would never have made on my own, creme caramel goes really well with a tawny port.   After dinner, and by the way B is a very good cook, we adjourned to the local pub for more beer.   Conversation continued as it only can between old friends, ranging widely but often coming back to my revelation.

Eventually of course we had to leave the pub and returned to his flat.   As anticipated I was far to drunk to even think about driving, back at the flat we opened the wine and talked some more.    By now it was pretty late, I had done a day's work and I was pretty relaxed. (as in I only drink to relax, sometimes I am so relaxed I fall over!) so at some point when B left me for a moment I fell asleep, I awoke a little later with a duvet over me.   A little uncomfortable I took off what clothes I still had on (sorry but I can't remember) and slipped into some satin pyjamas I had brought and tried to settle down.   For some reason, or maybe several reasons most of which came in glasses, I couldn't settle down, I picked up my duvet moved into the next room got into bed with B, I woke up later cuddled up close with my arms around him.

I got up after the son had left for work, got dressed (I had brought work cloths with me) and left before B was awake.   He is an impressive sleeper, (and snorer) and I have not heard from him since, so I am not sure where we are now.   I am more than a bit confused as to why I did what I did, was B even aware of my presence, and more to the point what happens next.   Earlier in the evening B (who is not working at the moment) agreed to do some work with me and, more to the point, go out with Paula.   I sent him a text yesterday (Friday) but have yet to have a reply, I think I will have to phone or call round, but just now I don't know what I am going to do or say.

All day Friday I was very tired, and slightly hung over, I couldn't put the night out of my mind, but after a long day I got home to my family who have returned from their break, after dinner I just slept and slept, this morning I didn't get up till gone eleven I feel better for the sleep, but still concerned about what I have done.
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