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Friday, 31 August 2012


I think I have just had resolution on a situation that was troubling me.  

A old photo but one of my favorites
One of the joys of being left alone this week is that I could get dressed at home, then go out.   On Tuesday morning I had a quick shower and shave sorted out my makeup and jewelry and then I dressed in my white summer dress, all be 10:00 a.m. normally I can't do any of this because of the family being around.   So, I had parked the van in front of the house since although it is a main road I thought I was less likely to see any of the neighbours than in the cul-de-sac behind.

So much for planing, just after I had left the house and had started walking the eighty meters or so to the van one of my neighbours came past, walking in the same direction.   I know she saw, I am pretty sure that she saw which house I came out of, and I am certain that she recognised me.   As S assured me last night I am recognisable.   I have been worried about how to play this.

Well they had asked me to do a bit of work in their garden so after work today I popped round ostensibly to see about making a date to do the job, nothing was said about my unconventional clothing choice on Tuesday, so I will assume that everything is cool.   I am sure she knows but will adopt a don't ask don't tell policy.   Like Meg I will not tell lies, but I don't think I will volunteer the truth this time unless asked.

This is proving quite a week, tonight I am having dinner with my friend B I will be going as him, but will be under-dressed.   There is a strong chance that I shall drink too much to drive home so I am anticipating staying over night, as well as some PJs and tomorrow's work clothes I will be taking an extra change of clothes just in case he is curious.   I know he is pretty cool with the idea and know that he wants to talk about my dressing, but don't know just how accepting he will be, whatever it will be an interesting evening.
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