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Sunday, 2 September 2012


Jenson Button
I watched qualifying for the Belgium Grand Prix yesterday, a great performance by Jenson Button.   My friends waiting at the bar will know that I am a bit of a fan of his, so I hope this is going to be  turning point in his season, the championship is still possible, but a bit of a long shot.   I think I would be happy if he could overtake Hamilton on points and then two years running outscore him.   Hamilton has improved this season, maybe he doesn't seem to be quite as fast as he was, but that could well just be the car, but his race craft does seem to have improved.

I shall be watching the race this afternoon, I think I should make sure I have a couple of cool Belgium beers to drink while I'm watching.

Yesterday was a bit strange, I almost felt bereaved, although I was glad to have my family back I missed Paula, and checking my diary I struggle to see when I will next have some decent time.   I called B and he had woken on Friday with a spectacular hang over around midday, well after I had left for work, apparently with no knowledge of much of the previous night.   While it does look as though I have "Got away" with  my risky behaviour last week, I think I need to take stock and be a bit more careful in the future.

There is an exhibition on at the Royal Academy that I would like to see, so maybe I can make that a day out for my birthday.   I have got into the habit of taking my birthday off and going out to do or see something, this year my birthday falls on a Sunday so maybe I will take a day off during the following week and take a trip up to town.
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